Will i require an expensive portfolio?

You do 'NOT' require an expensive portfolio to apply to our agency. Snapshots from your phone are fine so beware of companies claiming to 'help' or 'prepare' you for this industry.

We receive many calls a day from models who have paid hundreds and sometimes thousands of pounds for completely useless portfolios, websites, comp cards etc.

Models should be aware that any 'reputable' agency would insist on meeting and testing their own models under camera before signing them.

If you are based in the London area and do not have your own photos we will invite you to take some test shots on camera regardless of any experience gained in a studio. Any agency that does not want to meet a models and test them should be avoided. Our agency produces comp cards for the Models we sign for a small fee which is taken from the models earnings.

How much do Alpha Models earn?

All jobs are different and earnings will depend on the client, campaign and how much, how long and where the campaign is featured and of course the Model.

TV Commercial - £750 - £1500 day rate (again this can vary depending on the client and what we agree to secure the booking)
Film & TV - £100 (extra) - £150 (day rate) (again this can vary depending on the client and what we agree to secure the booking)

Fashion - £200 - £300 day rate (again this can vary depending on the client and what we agree to secure the booking)

Promotional - £20 Hour
Additional usage applies to TV commercial and photographic and again can vary if applicable, depending on territory and time Commission is not applied to travel costs. Our agency commission is 20%. The above rates are a guide; the agency will always negotiate for the best rate for the artist and to secure the job.

How often can i expect work?

This can vary on many factors for all models. It is important to understand it is the client and not the agency that chooses the artist for their campaigns. No agency can therefore guarantee work and any who do should be avoided. Alpha make no false promises, nor guarantees.

Some models are booked regularly, some occasionally, whilst others may not be booked at all. This business is competitive. We do however have an extremely high percentage of our models out daily on castings and shoots and can guarantee that we submit all those to clients when they are suitable and match the clients brief. We also ensure professional, ethical representation at all times.

We receive over 20 briefs a day (including weekends!) so as long as you have up to date photos and sizes our clients will see you. We want our models working as much as they possibly can do.

Does Alpha accept all Models who apply?

Alpha will 'NOT' accept all models who apply. We decline many applications weekly to ensure we only have the right models on our books. We receive approximately 500-1000 applications weekly and those who are successful are invited in to meet their booker.  Our philosophy is to only accept an applicant who we feel would make a fantastic addition to our agency portfolio. Alpha Models are reliable, unique, have a great personality and a temperament to cope with the varying demands of this industry and are eager and committed.

Are there any fees?

We always advise models that applicants should always be aware, despite being badly informed with gossip, all successful and reputable agencies will charge something to be on their books. It is illegal for model agencies to charge upfront but not talent or casting agencies; however it is legal to charge from the models earnings. That saying Casting/Talent Agencies are permitted to charge for website inclusion along with comp cards and test shoots. We supply Models for all areas of the industry and are a Model/Casting/Talent Agency supplying Models for photographic as well as TV, at no extra charge. We only charge once yearly and this comes from your earnings.

How do i apply to join Alpha?

There are no fees to be represented by our agency, however, models are asked to cover their own expenses for website fees; standard with all the major agencies. Our agency website is what our clients use to select models for work.

Models: Our Models section has a yearly website cost of £150 and then £100 for continuous years. You are able to use your own portfolio, (if to our agency standard) or you can book with our photographers to create one; details provided if accepted.

We work with some of the biggest names in the industry, an industry that is highly competitive. We therefore must insist our models have only images of the highest quality on their webpage to offer our clients.

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